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The Waterlefe Villas are a section of the community that enjoys landscape services provided through a bulk landscape contract with ArtisTree. The bulk contact for certain landscape services is managed and maintained by the Waterlefe Master Property Owners' Association.


Wet Check/Irrigation Report

The following is a helpful guide / example of how to read your wet check reports from the ArtisTree irrigation team. 

The top line of the report shows what time your irrigation is set to run (pictured above, the irrigiation runs at 2:00 AM from Tuesday - Friday). Column A shows the zone around your house, and column B shows the type of irrigation in that zone (S=Spray, R=Rotary, D=Dripline). According to the May wet check, this home had 4 spray nozzles replaced in zone 1 (front left side of home) and 2 spray nozzles replaced in zone 4 (right side of home). ArtisTree will replace any broken heads they encounter during the monthly wet cheks, otherwise a work order needs to be submitted if broken heads are discovered during the remainder of the month.

Please Note: If the Repairs Made/Parts Replaced section is blank, the wet check was completed and no repairs or replacements were requred.



We are thrilled to provide a new and convenient way for homeowners to easily submit lawn and irrigation maintenance work order requests.

As of Monday, April 12, 2021, work orders will be submitted by homeowners directly to ArtisTree using ArtisTree Request Tracker (ART)!

Work order tracking is managed every step of the way by ArtisTree’s in-house system (ART); from submission, to updates, to completion, your requests are answered quickly, efficiently, and securely. ART is available to take work orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monthly reports will continue to be provided to Property Management for review.

To submit a work order, follow the steps below:

Please Note: homeowners must submit separate work orders for different types of services (i.e. irrigation, trimming, weed control, etc.).

Visit ArtisTree’s website at

Go to CONTACT US from the navigation bar and select WORK ORDERS.

Click “Enter Work Order Request” and you will be directed to the Work Order System.

Select the Waterlefe Community ID from the drop-down menu. The Waterlefe Villas Work Order code is WLVI-001.  Any submissions other than WLVI-001 will not be received.

Enter your complete information and choose a selection from each drop-down menu. Enter a description of your request and hit “Submit.” 

Upon receiving your work order request, your ArtisTree account executive will send a confirmation receipt email and request ID at the email address you entered. While the work order is being completed you may receive an email with updates from the staff completing the work order. Upon completion, ArtisTree will send you a final email closing the Work Order ticket.

We are excited to offer this new service to Villas Homeowners as a way to make submitting Work Orders an easy and hassle-free process for everyone. Please contact Property Management at (941) 747-6898 or via email at if you have any questions or issues using the new system.



Week of June 1
  • Mowing (Edging/Line Trimming/Blowing)

Week of June 7
  • Mowing (Edging/ Line Trimming/ Blowing) 

Week of June 14
  • Mowing (Edging/ Line Trimming/ Blowing) 
  • Detail Work* (Hedge Trimming/Pruning/Shrub Shaping) (*Weather permitting, will begin June 16)

Week of June 21
  • Mowing (Edging/ Line Trimming/ Blowing)
  • Detail Work Continued* (Hedge Trimming/Pruning/Shrub Shaping)

Week of June 28
  • Mowing (Edging/ Line Trimming/ Blowing)
  • Turf Maintenance & Pest Control
  • Irrigation Wet Checks/Inspections Begin (Homeowners may request a copy of their Irrigation Report from Property Management when all Inspections are complete)