Meet the MPOA & River Club's Dedicated Team of Staff
You deserve the best. You deserve Waterlefe... And here, you're in good hands.

When it comes to service from your MPOA Business Offices and River Club Facilities, Waterlefe Members deserve the very best. We love visits from our Members and walk-ins are always welcomed during the hours of 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday. Learn more about each of us below...
To ensure we are available to give you the dedicated attention and exceptional, efficient service you deserve, pre-scheduled appointments are recommended. To make an appointment, simply email us directly and we will add you to our calendars and/or have your inquiries prepared for you before you arrive.

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General Manager / COO / LCAM
Susan Greene
Property Manager / LCAM
MaryAnn Burchell
Community Association Manager | LCAM, CMCA, Notary
Shana Dam
I moved to Florida from Michigan in 2019, and joined the Waterlefe MPOA team in December 2022. I love the community and our members! Prior to Waterlefe, I was a Portfolio Community Association Manager with Sentry Management. I have also worked in the hospitality industry for several years and owned a home-based travel agency. I have a passion for travel and have visited over 20 foreign countries. In my spare time, I enjoy boating, kayaking, and spending time at the beach. Now that my three daughters are grown, I love to spoil my two dogs, Tito (Chihuahua) and Bodhi (German Shepherd).
Born in Boston, raised in PA, spent high school and college in Vermont, lived in California for 4 years and Connecticut for 8 years before moving to Florida in 1994. I have always enjoyed accounting; I see it like a puzzle to be solved every month, and I love puzzles! Married for 40 years, have two grown boys, and my hobbies include tap and jazz dance lessons, reading, puzzles and crosswords, and playing bass for the contemporary praise band at church. I worked at Tech Data when we first came to FL, and have also worked at The Concessions (1 yr), Peridia Golf & Country Club (10 yrs), and Icon Management (3 yrs) before coming to Waterlefe. A former GM from Peridia contacted me about the comptroller position, and I jumped at the chance. Susan offered me the position, and I am honored and grateful to be part of a team that strives to make Waterlefe the best community for the members.
River Club Manager
Dan Adkins
Facilities Manager | LCAM
Patrick Sullivan
I am a CAM specialist and with my additional construction & maintenance background, I was graciously offered the opportunity to fill the Facilities Manager role with the MPOA in 2022, and was honored to be recognized as Employee of the Quarter in 2023. This field of work is full of frequent, surprise challenges (it's the nature of the beast) but my upbringing gave me a can-do attitude, a love for problem solving, a thick skin (or maybe just a great sense of humor), and molded me to be able to handle just about anything. A youth full of hard work, perseverance, and luck led me to a great career and a happy marriage, along with my greatest accomplishment - my two wonderful daughters. In my spare time I love being with my family, enjoy a good game of Call of Duty, and I teach CAM courses. My day-to-day interactions with the members of this community make waking up and driving to work a breeze. I always feel welcomed and appreciated by everyone. I genuinely love working in Waterlefe!
River Club Executive Chef
Tod Hess
Executive Chef, Tod Hess, is a celebrated member of the American Culinary Institute’s Chef de Cuisine. Wednesday through Sunday, guests can enjoy an extensive offering of various cuisine styles and menu selections that are sure to satisfy every craving. From a heavenly Sunday brunch buffet or gourmet wine dinner in our newly-renovated dining areas, to casual a la carte dining and poolside pizza and wings – you can truly have it all.
River Club Dining Room Manager
Chad Burnett
Communications Manager
Lindsey Kotik
I'm a CO native and followed my family to FL in 2020. Exploring a new place has been exciting and it's truly become "home". Born into a family of artists, I'm naturally passionate about creativity (photography, graphic design, writing, fine arts). As I reached adulthood, these hobbies organically grew into my own successful Creative Services business. My first “real job" (2005) began in operations/interior design and I was later nudged into high-level real estate/new construction sales and marketing by trusted mentors. This push afforded me opportunities for formal education and training which married my passions with purpose. Since beginning my career, I have helped dozens of individuals and organizations in a variety of industries reach their creative/marketing goals. It's true what they say: "Do what you love and you'll love what you do". Since May of 2022, I have truly enjoyed leading and transforming Waterlefe Communications, and I look forward to all the great things to come!